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The Mi-T-M pressure washer is ideal for medium duty projects, such as deck restoration, surface prep and concrete cleaning. Check out our Tool Rental playlist for more tips:

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Rent a Mi-T-M pressure washer from your local store today:

Check out our guide to find out more pressure washer tips:

Follow these safety rules before operating:
0:50 Wear safety gear

Follow these operating procedures with the Mi-T-M Gas Pressure Washer Rental:
1:03 Connect hose to pressure washer
2:12 How to start a gas pressure washer
2:43 Pressure washer cleaning tips
3:52 Transporting and cleaning your pressure washer before returning to store

►Before operating, refer to the user’s manual for additional safety warnings and procedures not addressed in this video.◄

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How to Use the Mi-T-M Gas Pressure Washer Rental | The Home Depot

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