Homemade Deck Cleaner

homemade deck cleaner

ven the best-kept decks accumulate dirt, twigs, leaves, and other debris that blows by and weather also takes its toll. To keep your deck in the best condition, you need to give it a yearly scrubbing and then apply a penetrating sealer.

I admit that this is a chore that I tend to put off. But there is no reason to procrastinate, grab your bucket and brush on the first nice weekend and let’s get that deck in shape. Which deck cleaner is best depends on the shape of your deck?

If you have a lot of algae and mildew, then choose a cleaner with plenty of bleach. If your problem is more dirt, grease, and grime, one of the milder cleaners will work well. I give you four different formulas here, including a homemade deck cleaner for a power washer.

Take a few minutes to read about how to clean a deck and the information on pressure washers, if you will be using one. Once you are sure you understand the process, you should have no problem cleaning your deck each spring.

homemade deck cleaner

Table of Contents

  • How to Clean a Deck before Sealing
  • Using a Pressure Washer
  • Homemade Deck Cleaning Solution Recipes
    • Mildew and Algae Cleaner
    • Homemade Soapy Deck Scrub
    • Murphy’s Oil Mildew Cleaner
    • Homemade Powdered Bleach Scrub

How to Clean a Deck before Sealing

To keep your deck looking good, you need to keep it clean. A regular sweeping is enough for most of the year, but you should give it a deep clean and reseal it at least once a year.

As with our tips on how to clean patio furniture, the first step in cleaning the deck is to sweep away all of this debris. Make sure you get everything out of the cracks between the boards also. Rotting debris in the cracks will spread rot to the entire deck. Use a putty knife to get the debris stuck in the crevices.

Next comes the real work. Cover your nearby plants with a plastic sheet to keep the cleaning

solution from damaging them. Then start scrubbing, using soapy water or one of our deck cleaner recipes. If you have a pressure washer, use it instead of the scrub brush.

Power wash or brush the patio cleaner solution onto the deck surface and allow it time to soak into the wood. Give it a good scrub and rinse it away.

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